Slaying a New Beast




           I have been somewhat removed from the blogging world for a few weeks now.  To be quite honest though, there has not been much to blog about. My last post was directly after the CVS 5k, where I drastically underperformed. The next weekend I ran a low-key 10k in Spokane Washington. I generally wouldn’t have traveled that far for the prize money I won in that race, but Spokane just happens to be about half an hour from my hometown of Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I spent a couple of days visiting friends and family and then came home.


            Since that race, I have run very little, aside from Saturday when I jogged a half-marathon in 1:30 with a friend of mine, I have not run more than 40 minutes, and I have not even gone close to everyday. This is the first time in my running career I have had this kind of break. Generally, when you are a high school, or collegiate distance runner, there is an imminent racing season on the horizon. A break longer than 5-7 days cannot be afforded. On the one hand it has been nice to rest and re-charge my batteries. On the other hand, I am starting to feel like a big blob of disgustingness.


            I plan to take this week pretty easy, start working back into things next week. The first real running I will do will be the week after that. I will begin to build some base, and some threshold strength for the U.S. Half Marathon Championships in January. At this point my plan is to use that as a springboard into some longer distance road racing throughout the spring and summer.


            This is a brand new beast for me. In years past my entire spring and summer has been completely focused on the steeplechase. If I had a secondary event, it would be the 1500. I’m not sure I am ready to give the steeplechase up, but I want to explore my different options. I want to find out where my greatest potential lies. Thus I am doing something extremely different and focusing on races distances between 10k and half marathon (maybe a supplemental 5k here and there.)


            In light of my change in training, and due to the fact that I will not have much to blog about during this long training block, I think I will tackle a different beast in my blogging as well. It is by no means an issue that has not been touched on by others, but I would like to talk about issues in our sport at the professional level, and how we can improve them. I will be making an attempt to get these posts widely publicized (at least more widely than just on my blog.) The idea is to spark discussion, and for that discussion to lead to action.


            I would appreciate any feedback by anyone who does happen across my blog, and I would love for anyone and everyone to stay tuned for the discussion.


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